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Life and the world are a mixture of chaos, ugliness and beauty. The beauty of places, events and encounters brings balance and light.


My painting attempts to share through colors, fantasies, abstractions and figuration, unexpected moments of grace offered by nature and life. Through my painting I seek to transmit the influx of life thus received, open windows for the heart and the brain and serve as an antidote to the ugliness, the constraints and formatting tendency of our society. I work on the frontier between the representative, figurative and abstraction. I am interested in studying the transition from reality to the imaginary through the transformation of colors, light, lines and shapes.


The subjects impose themselves from an element that captures my interest by its particular line or by the atmosphere it generates, interior or exterior, by the distribution of shadow and light, either in nature, either from a thought, an emotion or a situation. My portfolio includes landscapes, water, plants or abstractions, inspired by this initial element. In these different themes one can find the promotion of nature, literally as well as figuratively. In the literal sense I represent it and figuratively I use what it offers me by taking its forms and colors as inspiration.

I choose watercolor for its luminosity and its properties of either transparency or density. Watercolor is a challenge of reflection and planning for it does not pardon errors. I  seek equilibrium by modulating spontaneity and control, in the midst of the nuances induced by the effect of water on the pigments, the selected use of wet or dry techniques and the properties of the paper or wood that are used as a support.


Through experimentation, I have also developed an interest in using wood as a support, which is a rather unusual project in watercolor. The wood brings a relief and a degree of absorption which varies with its grain. In this case, the process of creation begins by choosing a wood panel that has a design in the grain that inspires me and which results in paintings of a completely different appearance compared with those on paper.





  •    Private drawing lessons, 1965 Paris

  •    Watercolor and composition courses 1998-2012, Visual Arts Center, Westmount


  •   Participation in 19 group exhibitions

  •   One duo exhibition

  •   Two solo exhibitions

  - Duo expo without jury

  •   Spaces real and imagined, Potton Library, Nov. 1, 2019–Jan. 31, 2020

  - Solo without jury

  •   Chez Fred, Montreal, Nov. 8-Dec. 22, 2013

  •   Unexpected Moments of Bliss, AAM Sport Club,  Montréal. May 1-30, 2015

  - Group with jury

  • Ailleurs, Arts Sutton, collectif des membres artistes, May 4-28 2023

  • Le Renouveau, Arts Sutton, May 5-29, 2022

  • Cabinet Strateys. Oct.-Nov., 2021

  • Hotel Bonaventure, 26 Oct., 2021-26 April,2022

  • Artothèque, Stewart Hall Gallery, Pointe Claire, Nov. 6, 2021- Jan. 9,2022

  • All Together, Arts Sutton, June 3 - 4 July, 2021

  • Expo-Concours, Art Sutton, Nov. 18 - Dec. 19, 2021

  • Expo-Concours, Arts Sutton,  Nov. 23 -Dec 19, 2020​

  • Expo-Concours Printemps, Arts Sutton, April 25 - May 26, 2019​

  • Montréal en Arts, June 29 - July 1, 2018​

  • Artothèque de Montréal, Jan. 26 - March 3, 2018​

  • Artothèque Stewart Hall Art Gallery, Pointe Claire, Oct. 29 - Nov. 27, 2016

  • Au parc les artistes, Outremont, May 27-29, 2016​

  • 6ème Concours Annuel, Lac Superior Library, Sept. 26- Oct. 26, 2015.

       Prize of the jury, 3rd.​

  •  Au parc les artistes, Outremont, May 22-24, 2015​

  •  Au parc les artistes, Outremont, May 23-25, 2014

  •  Au parc les artistes, Outremont, May 24-26, 2013

   - Group without jury

  •   Les Arbres dans l’Art, L'Espace Contemporain, Montréal, March 2 - 13, 2016

  •   Just One detail, Small Scale Works, L'Espace Contemporain, Montréal, Nov. 19-30, 2014​

  •   Promenade des Arts, Westmount, June 2014


    - Aquarelles, Self-publication of a book of selected works,  Oct. 2013

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