Bio - Marie-Anne Schwab

Artistic Project

Life and the world are a mixture of chaos, ugliness and beauty. The beauty of places, events and encounters brings balance and light.

Through my painting I seek to transmit the influx of life thus received and to serve as an antidote to the ugliness, the constraints and formatting tendency of our society. I work on the frontier between the representative, figurative and abstraction. I am interested in studying the transition from reality to the imaginary through the transformation of colors, light, lines and shapes.

In the different themes that I address - water, landscapes, trees, plants and even abstractions - one can find the promotion of nature, literally as well as figuratively. In the literal sense I represent it and figuratively I use what it offers me by taking its forms and colors as inspiration.

I choose watercolor for its luminosity and its properties of either transparency or density, both of which can be found in my paintings. I modulate spontaneity and deliberation in the midst of the nuances induced by the effect of water on the pigments.

Through experimentation, I have also developed an interest in wood as a support. Using wood as a support is a rather unusual project in watercolor. The wood brings a relief and a degree of absorption which varies with its grain In this case, the process of creation begins by choosing a wood panel that has a design in the grain that inspires me and which results in paintings of a completely different appearance compared with those on paper

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